Goblin Slayer Face Revealed : Real Name and Age

Goblin Slayer Face Revealed: Explore more of the main character from this series – an adventurer with a silver ranking who specializes in tracking down and murdering goblins – by viewing the Goblin Slayer Face Reveal. Continue reading this page for further details regarding its contents; the complete description can be found further down.

Goblin Slayer Face Revealed

Goblin Slayer Face Revealed

Kumo Kagyu and Noboru Kannatsuki created Goblin Slayer as part of their series of Japanese dark fantasy light novels. The show follows a group of heroes as they form a guild and take on various missions for hire; on her initial assignment priestess runs into trouble with goblins; thankfully she’s saved by Goblin Slayer who makes killing goblins his sole mission in life.

Part of Goblin Slayer’s face, including two scars on his chin from when he defeated Goblin Lord and saved his hometown, was revealed in the season one finale. Fans had speculated when we might first see him or her appear in person for themselves – now it has happened – making everyone wonder who or when we might meet Goblin Slayer for themselves for real. Finally, his or her visage has been unmasked!

Reports indicate that the Goblin Slayer’s identity will be revealed in Season 2.

About: Goblin Slayer

Kumo Kagyu released Goblin Slayer as the inaugural novel in his light novel series in 2016. Kosuke Kurose and Masahiro Ikeno’s manga adaptations first appeared in Monthly Gangan magazine the same year; Kento Eida’s prequel manga can now be read entirely in Young Gangan magazine.

Kagyu released the prequel spinoff Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One in 2018. Daikatana of Singing Death will see additional books released as part of this spinoff series in 2019.

Goblin Slayer follows a group of adventurers as they join a Guild and go on numerous quests in order to earn glory and money. When one priestess gets in trouble with several goblins during her mission, The Goblin Slayer comes to her aid and saves the day!

Goblin Slayer real name

Goblin Slayer was officially known in Japan as Goburin Sureiya but most people called him this name. At just 11 years old, goblins attacked his town and only one person made it out alive; when hiding under floorboards during an attack that killed his older sister he witnessed it all with horrifying clarity. After being attacked, he transformed into an unhealthy individual who hated goblins and became fixated on getting rid of them. Thanks to a burglar’s help, however, they were able to stop any future threats to their lives from the goblins. He finally submitted his application to the Adventurers’ Guild after five years, doing various odd jobs like delivering packages and helping clean to make enough money to survive. Now we know more about this Goblin Slayer; by reading further you’ll discover even more.

Goblin Slayer Age

Goblin Slayer, an animated series for mature audiences, remains vague about his exact age; according to our knowledge he must be older than twenty. Yuichiro Umehara voice-acts for Goblin Slayer in Japanese version while Brad Hawkins in English version.


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