How to get Neural Sensors in Warframe? Tips For Farming in Warframe

How to get Neural Sensors in Warframe? Neural Sensors are an indispensable resource in Warframe, used to craft weapons, Warframes, and other items. But where can you obtain these crucial resources efficiently and where do they come from? This guide will arm you with all of the knowledge to become an adept Neural Sensor hunter!

How to get Neural Sensors in Warframe?

Where to Find Neural Sensors in Warframe:

  • Jupiter: Jupiter serves as the main source for Neural Sensors, and they may appear anywhere from enemies, containers, and resource drones across the planet to specific missions. For optimal use, use targeted missions as your goal when selecting Neural Sensors from this source.
  • The Cicero Toxin (Assassination): This quick mission on Jupiter focuses on defeating Lech Kril, as his presence increases your chance of dropping Neural Sensors – making this an efficient farming strategy. Fast runs will maximize efficiency.
  • Kuva Fortress: This Grineer asteroid base offers Neural Sensors. While not as popular, some players prefer missions here due to the potential encounters with Kuva Lichs.

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Farming Tips:

  • Resource and Drop Chance Boosters can greatly increase your Neural Sensor gains.
  • Pilfering Dome: Use Nekros in conjunction with the Pilfering Dome augment to increase the chance of enemies dropping multiple resources at once.
  • Survival Vs Assassination: Survival missions offer an ongoing stream of enemies but may take more time. In contrast, Cicero Toxin offers faster yet boss drop missions that you should choose according to your preference and available time.
  • Resource Drones: Deploying Resource Drones on Jupiter can be used to passively collect Neural Sensors over time, providing a steady income source while you focus on other pursuits.

Alternative Methods:

  • Alerts and Invasions: Keep an eye out for Alerts and Invasions as they sometimes offer Neural Sensors as rewards.
  • Trading: If time is of the essence, consider trading for Neural Sensors using Platinum with other players.


  • Neural Sensors have an unpredictable drop rate; thus it is wise to be patient and persistent when working with them.
  • Explore various farming techniques until you discover which approach fits best with your playstyle and farming preferences.
  • Utilize resources such as online Warframe communities and databases for tips and strategies.

Now go out there and start crafting powerful weapons and Warframes with these tips in mind! You will soon be inundated with Neural Sensors in no time!

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