How to Get Shroud Wood in Enshrouded?

How to Get Shroud Wood in Enshrouded? Enshrouded is an unforgiving open-world survival game, offering both challenges and opportunities at every turn. Shroud Wood is a vital resource in early game gameplay – essential for crafting tools like the Fell Axe, Glider, and Grappling Hook – but finding its location and harvesting methods may remain hidden within mists of uncertainty. But worry not! With this guide at your side you will emerge triumphant from Enshrouded with an abundance of Shroud Wood for crafting tools like Fell Axe.

Where to find the Shroud Whispers?

Shroud Wood can only be found within Shrouded areas on your map, making its location easily identifiable – both visually and by virtue of an alarm clock which starts counting down from the moment you step through its portals. While you won’t necessarily become trapped forever when gathering resources from them.

How to Get Shroud Wood in Enshrouded?

How to Get Shroud Wood in Enshrouded?

Chopping Through the Fog:

Once you’ve identified a Shrouded area, it’s time to get serious. Grab any type of axe you have at hand and begin targeting trees within the mist with it – although punching down trees with your fist might work just as quickly and efficiently! Each fallen tree will yield between two and six pieces of Shroud Wood automatically appearing on the ground for you to collect!

Maximizing Your Mist-tery:

Let’s get into strategy, shall we? Here are a few strategies to optimize your Shroud Wood-gathering expeditions:

  • Plan Your Route: Before venturing into the Shroud, identify areas with dense clusters of trees to maximize resource returns on each foray.
  • Timing it Right: As you gather resources and battle enemies, your Shroud meter dwindles. Plan ahead so that when it’s time to attack or retreat from battle, the mist doesn’t catch up with you unexpectedly.
  • Invest in survivability: Certain green section skills offer passive buffs like “Inner Fires” and “Relentless Flame” that extend Shrouded exposure time.
  • Upgrade Your Tools: An upgraded axe will help you cut down trees faster, giving you more opportunities to collect Shroud Wood before time runs out.
  • Be wary of denizens: Foggy environments can be treacherous places. Be ready for hostile creatures that lurk within the mist and be prepared to defend yourself effectively from potential danger

Beyond the Fog:

With enough Shroud Wood on hand, you will soon be on your way to crafting the tools needed to meet Enshrouded’s early game challenges. Remember, venturing into the Shroud requires both preparation and resourcefulness – with sufficient knowledge and courage, however, you will emerge out unscathed, ready for whatever challenges lie ahead in Enshrouded’s shrouded world!

So, brave survivors, go forth and explore the misty corners of the map in search of Shroud Wood that awaits harvest. Just remember, although the Shroud may conceal dangers it also contains valuable rewards – may your axes remain sharp, your minds sharper and your journey through it ever rewarding!

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