New Legendary Clash Royale 2024: How to get Legendary Cards

New Legendary Clash Royale 2024: SuperCell has created Clash Royale, an online multiplayer strategy game where players fight with cards in real-time. Cards come in all varieties from common to rare to epic; legendary cards stand out among them and most players agree they are the second-best type after Champions for use in combat and deck building. There are various different kinds of legendary cards in Clash Royale each one offering its own set of abilities and benefits; in this piece we discuss several top legendary cards available for use across many attacks and decks in Clash Royale.

New Legendary Clash Royale

How to get New Legendary Clash Royale Cards?

1. Getting more trophies

You can buy legendary cards whenever you reach 3000 trophies or the legendary tier, whichever comes first. You’ll be able to buy these legendary cards soon. It only costs 40,000 gold to purchase them as well. Plus, make sure you’re at least on level eight.

You can also get gold by winning matches, giving away cards you don’t want and opening chests. Gold for gems is also available for purchase. If you get to the Royal Arena (2000 trophies) you can start getting legendary chests in your chest cycle. Legendary King Chests will also replace regular King Chests. The legendary card inside these chests is guaranteed.

2. Keep battling

There is a cycle for each type of chest you receive. Each cycle contains 240 chests. Once you’ve reached the Royal Arena, every two cycles, a legendary chest will spawn. Obtaining a legendary chest once every 480 fights is possible if you never lose. In addition, there are chests that always contain a legendary as you advance through the levels.

3. Competing in challenges

Every time a new legendary card is released in Clash Royale a challenge is issued to unlock it for free. But be wary; these aren’t easy tasks in order to secure one of these legendary cards you must battle other players and win 12 matches before receiving your reward chest with its high probability of holding not just 1 but also 22,000 gold!

4. Joining an active clan

As long as you reach level 8, or higher, you are eligible to join clan wars. It is possible to win Clan Cards by battling three times on Collection Day using your own personal deck of cards. Plus, you’ll need these Clan Cards to put together a War Deck in preparation for War Day.

There is a limit of one battle per person on War Day. If both clans have equal numbers of victories on War Day, the clan with the higher total will be declared the victor. If you place first or second, your clan will receive trophies that can be used to move up in the clan leagues.

There is a reward waiting for you at the end of the War Season: a War Chest. In addition, the contents of this box are determined by your standing in the Clan League and the most recent conflict in which you participated.

  • To be eligible to add legendary cards to your War Chest, it is necessary to advance into the Legendary Ist League.
  • Battle cannot begin unless ten individuals are involved.

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