Poo Tower Tycoon Codes (March 2024): Get Latest Codes

Poo Tower Tycoon Codes: Free perks and enhancements in a game are always appreciated. Well, with Poo Tower Tycoon codes, you’ll be able to gain yourself some pretty outrageous boosts for your escapades. These Poo Tower Tycoon codes are likely to be updated often as the very popular Roblox game Poo Tower Tycoon reaches new milestones. If you’re interested in trying out any Poo Tower Tycoon codes, we’ve provided both the currently valid ones and the ones that have since expired. Reading to the end will show you exactly how to redeem them immediately, saving time and enabling you to reap your rewards faster.

Poo Tower Tycoon Codes

Poo Tower Tycoon Codes (Active)

NewYearsRedeem for 15 minute Poobux Boost
HALLOWEENRedeem for 2x Poobux Boost
BIGPOORedeem for a 2x Poobux Boost
CoolPooRedeem for a 10 minute 2x Cash Boost
BOX7DiscRedeem for a 10 minute 2x Cash Boost
mushroomRedeem for a 5 minute 2x Cash Boost
BOX7Redeem for a 10 minute 2x Cash Boost
IdidApoopRedeem for a 10 minute 2x Cash Boost

Expired Codes

These codes no longer work:

  • 5MIL
  • 6MIL
  • Pee

How to Use Codes in Poo Tower Tycoon?

Since the game came out just a few days ago. The picture will be added later.

  • Click the button on your screen that says “Redeem.”
  • In the text field, type your code.
  • If you enter your code, you’ll get your boosts right away.

How Can We Get More Poo Tower Tycoon Codes?

As with other Roblox tycoon games, the aim is to build the greatest virtual company possible. Competing against other players for control of the center has its own set of advantages; however, investing in weapons or complex setups will only slow your earnings. For faster moneymaking opportunities, focus on investing solely in resources which increase earning potential; once your base has been secured with simple doors spend any remaining resources on poo makers and fortifications so you can advance up the ranks.

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