Prodigy Drift Codes (March 2024): Updated List

Prodigy Drift Codes: Gearheads dream of drifting and swerve around corners while emitting clouds of smoke, but are too afraid to try their luck at tuning a car themselves. Now with Prodigy Drift you can finally fulfill that fantasy! With five cars to choose from and over 20000 different ways to customize and tune them for optimal performance on the track – is Prodigy Drift letting your ambition run wild? Are you prepared to challenge all competition?

Prodigy Drift codes you claim can be exchanged for cash that can help build and modify your car with parts from its store, providing beginners with everything they need for racing success on track. Beginner drivers particularly can take advantage of these valuable credits by purchasing necessary components to improve on track performance.

Prodigy Drift Codes

Prodigy Drift Codes Active

We’ve listed the latest working Prodigy codes below as of March 2024.

MONEYRedeem for 5k Cash5,000 Cash
20MILRedeem for 10k Cash10,000 Cash
33LIKERedeem for 10k Cash10,000 Cash
UPDATERedeem for 2.5k Cash2,500 Cash
100KRedeem for 10k Cash10,000 Cash
32LIKERedeem for 7.5k Cash7,500 Cash
SOONRedeem for 2.5k Cash2,500 Cash
BONUSRedeem for 2.5k Cash2,500 Cash
INTRORedeem for 5k Cash5,000 Cash
OPTIMIZERedeem for 3.5k Cash3,500 Cash
MOBILE_UIRedeem for 5k Cash5,000 Cash
NEW_MODSRedeem for 180SX mods and 5k Cash180SX mods and 5,000 Cash

Prodigy Drift Codes (Expired)

CodeRedeem for
EAST4k Goosebux (New)
LIKE225k Goosebux (New)
8MILLION8k Goosebux
MODS6k Goosebux
SUS5.6k Goosebux
KEY6.4k Goosebux
GTR3.4k Goosebux
LIKED7.5k Goosebux
PASSENGER5k Goosebux
STANCE5k Goosebux
7MILLION7k Goosebux
MORECASH5k Goosebux
LIKE205k Goosebux
LIKE197.5k Goosebux
KB43VER5k Goosebux
NEW_YEAR15k Goosebux
FIREWORK5k Goosebux
6MIL6k Goosebux
LIKEMILE5k Goosebux
COLLECTOR3k Goosebux
CHRISTMAS5k Goosebux
17K7.5k Goosebux
5MIL5k Goosebux
70KGROUP7k Goosebux
4200PEEP4k Goosebux
15K7.5k Goosebux
70Group7k Goosebux
4Peep4k Goosebux
FALL6.5k Goosebux
TRAILER5k Goosebux
4MILL100k Goosebux
Spooky7.5k Goosebux
14K7.5k Goosebux
13K7.5k Goosebux
3500Peep10k Goosebux
12K7.5k Goosebux
3MIL10k Goosebux
SOZ5k Goosebux
11KRedeem code for 7,5k Goosebux
10k_LikesRedeem code for rewards
2MILRedeem code for 10k Goosebux
9000LikesRedeem code for rewards
8000LikesRedeem code for rewards
7000LikesRedeem code for rewards
Peep3KRedeem code for rewards
1MILRedeem code for 10k Goosebux
TwitterFollowerRedeem code for rewards
NewGameRedeem code for rewards
ChristmasRedeem code for rewards
NewGooseRedeem code for rewards
FollowerRedeem code for 2,2k Goosebux
GroupGoalsRedeem code for 3,5k Goosebux
17MRedeem code for 4,5k Goosebux
HalloweenRedeem code for rewards
TrickOrTreatRedeem code for rewards
4JULYRedeem code for 4th of July car and 5k Goosebux
PatienceRedeem code for 2,5k Goosebux
VIPRedeem code for rewards
Week of UpdatesRedeem code for 8k Goosebux
BYE360Redeem code for rewards
GRAPHICSRedeem code for rewards
MILESTONESRedeem code for rewards
GooseRedeem code for rewards
RD2021Redeem code for rewards
XMASRedeem code for rewards

How do I use my Prodigy Drift codes?

To redeem Prodigy Drift Codes, there are a few steps involved. Simply follow these instructions to do it easily:

  • Start Prodigy Drift Game
  • Click Settings icon on left side of screen.
  • Input the code you want to use.
  • Tap the button labeled “Confirm”

Once completed, all codes can be redeemed at once. As long as all steps were followed correctly and a valid code entered, your free items will appear instantly within any game if applicable. And now you can do it all over again using other codes!

If you’re in search of the latest Prodigy Drift codes, visit Roblox! The game description should provide the answers.

Where I can get more Prodigy Drift codes?

Supersonic players can connect on their official Discord server for all the latest game news, updates and sneak peaks – as well as to interact with fellow players and learn about their game! Naturally, it also acts as an invaluable source for finding coupon codes!

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