How to Get Sand in Enshrouded? A Guide to Find

How to Get Sand in Enshrouded? At Enshrouded, where dense forests meet dangerous wastelands, resources are integral for survival and crafting. One seemingly simple material such as sand may prove hard for newcomers to obtain; don’t despair though, for this guide will reveal all its secrets so that you become master of the dunes!

How to Get Sand in Enshrouded?

Sand can only be harvested in one region: The Kindlewastes in Enshrouded’s final and fiery region – where towering spires tower high into the scorching sun of this vast desert region with towering spires rising ever higher, waiting patiently. Conquering previous biomes is required before upgrading their Flame Altars to level 4 which not only opens access to this region but also grants harvesting permission of this material!

Harvesting the Golden Grains:

Once in the Kindlewastes, acquiring sand is as straightforward as picking up your pickaxe and heading towards any sandy area. Unlike other resources, which may exist only at specific nodes or veins, sand can be found anywhere throughout the desert floor; all it takes to acquire it is swinging your pickaxe toward it! Just watch as your inventory quickly fills up with golden grains.

How to Get Sand in Enshrouded?
How to Get Sand in Enshrouded?

Beyond the Dunes:

Sand is plentiful in the Kindlewastes, but being resourceful will only ensure your sand reserves stay full: here are some additional tips to ensure this happens:

  • Trading: Some NPCs in the Kindlewastes may occasionally offer sand for trade. Keep an eye out and barter any surplus resources for some quick sand to fill your immediate sand needs.
  • Crafting: Sand can often be found through crafting projects, though its source may not always be obvious. Disassembling glass bottles or building materials might yield small quantities of sand which makes recycling unwanted items an efficient means of producing some additional sand.

The Value of Sand:

Sand is more than a beach accessory; it plays an integral part in Enshrouded crafting recipes. From building materials such as glass and mortar to essential tools like the Beehive Smoker and even advanced weapons, sand should never be underestimated as a resource.

So the next time you find yourself venturing through the Kindlewastes, keep these tips in mind and allow the sand to run free! With some hard work and determination, victory will come swiftly.

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